EoP Mission Statement Read Before Signing Up!

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EoP Mission Statement Read Before Signing Up!

Post  EoP KHORNE on Fri Nov 25, 2011 11:34 pm

The goal of EoP is to promote a friendly gaming community for ever type of gamer. We are a tight nit group of friends and that is the community that we want to continue building.

EoP has 5 main rules that we expect our members to abide by:
1) Be respectful to everyone even in defeat
2) No cheating or glitching
3) No trash talking
4) No changing your clan tag or motto after you become a member of EoP
5) After joining EoP you are to maintain the reputation of a mature gamer

If you want to be part of EoP register on the forum using your Gamer Tag as your User Name. Send EoP KHORNE a message via Xbox Live stating that you wish to join EoP. Your account will then be activated by an Admin within 24 hours.

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