EoP History

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EoP History

Post  EoP Arceye on Thu Nov 24, 2011 2:37 pm

Coming soon-

EoP was founded by EoP Arceye in 1999 after splitting from a previous clan TAD (The  Assassination Dominion),it is now probably one of the longest running clans on the internet
Most of that time, however EoP has been inactive in the real tournament scene with the exception of EoP Arceye who was active in the PC gaming 1v1 tournament scene until 2007.
EoP was started in PC gaming, specifically, with Unreal Tournament GOTY and followed through UT2003 and UT2004, we eventually dropped off active competition in 2007 at the release of UT3. We have a lot of history so it will take some time for me to add and to dig up old footage of how games used to be played before voice communications were widely used.

Just after the release of COD4 I purchased a Xbox 360 as it makes the gaming systems standard, everyone has the same hardware so no advantage in frame rates.
With this was another ball ache of the useless game-pad and every disadvantage it had so I struggled to produce many good results.
It was during this struggling time that I eventually met Khorne ( Sons of Horrus ) and a number of other good people who tolerated my accidental team killing, and we became good friends.

At the time I wasn't sure If I wanted to ressurect EoP as I wasn't sure about console gaming and the damn controller, but after a while Khorne said he wanted EoP on console so it was brought to life by Khorne and a good group of other players (Turbo, Vyris, Cruzn4brew and RedNeck, all EoP Now) with myself taking less of a gaming role and more of a management role due to my lack of ability with a game-pad. (Redneck says "Don't let the modesty fool you, Arceye is an Awesome gamer")

We started recruiting players and eventually went off to game battles which ended up being a BIG MISTAKE. Although we were ranked 70 or something on CoD4 at one time, We had too many members who didn't understand what competitive gaming was actually about and so ended up being bad losers, childish, mouthy, and more importantly they became rage quitters. On top of that they were not running the same squads on Game Battles, and didn't have a proper roster. Generally they were not up to the standards I expected for EoP.
I had not realized how because of voice communication being now used by everyone, how the bad attitudes, unsporting behavior and general lack of respect for other gamers had spread amongst idiots with a mic. This is NOT how I remember gaming and NOT how it should be, so we pretty much disbanded.
After 11 years of a great reputation ( which stills holds strong in the PC gaming world ) , I found it ruined in 2 years of Xbox gaming due to attitudes and mics.

We, the remaining members (Khorne, Turbo, Vyris, Cruzn4brew and RedNeck) kept playing together but not in competitive game play until such a time we could be prepared to start recruiting again to prepare for online competition.
On a special note for me personally, I now have an adapter to allow me to use a keyboard and mouse to play with , I am able to play again.
Before the BS starts ( It's NOT CHEATING any more than a headset )

Now a new time is coming...
We are recruiting again, with a fresh start and strict rules of conduct.
We now only allow persons that we feel can stay up with our code of conduct.

EoPRedNeck is in charge of the prospects and if he feels you don't stack up to bad.
Vyris, Redneck and Cruzin are all Marines. We are also combat vets so don't come into a game with us thinking you know more cause you have played cod for 5 years. We have been there done that.
We will not tolerate bs things like tea bagging crap talking and just being an annoying kid will not be allowed.

We have a voting system in place where any member of EoP is able to suggest a potential recruit by bringing it to the attention of a DoW member ( the afore mentioned members ).

Arceye has final say though, even if we like you and he don't he is the boss so his word is law. This has never happened as Arceye respects the views of his higher ranks too much.

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