Links and Link Labels

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Links and Link Labels

Post  EoP KHORNE on Wed Nov 23, 2011 3:09 pm

This is how you add a LINK and that LINKs label

1) Click on the CHAIN ICON above the text box
2) You will then have the option to paste/type your link in the first line
3) Label your link in the second line

All links should look like this:
EoP Forum

Links should not look like this:

After you label your LINK make sure to make it BOLD, andĀ ITALIC. The way to do this is.

1) Highlight the word or words(if not already highlighted)
2) Click the B ICON above the text box
3) Click the I ICON above the text box
4) It will show your link nameĀ UNDERLINED but when you send the message the UNDERLINE goes away

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